Image algebra




sqrt_4dfp vce20_mpr


-@<b|l> output big or little endian (default input endian)
-E output undefined voxels as 1.0e-37 (default 0.0)

N.B.: default output filename = <image>_sqrt


m*A + b

Usage: scale_4dfp <image_4dfp> <scale_factor> [options]


scale_4dfp b2_xfrm_avg 12
scale_4dfp b2_xfrm_avg 12 -b5 -ax12+5


-E preserve 1.0e-37 values (fidl NaN convention)
-a<str> append trailer to output file name
-b<flt> add specified constant to each voxel
-@<b|l> output big or little endian (default input endian)

N.B.: <image_4dfp> is overwritten unless the trailer option is used
N.B.: <scale_factor> must be specified for proper operation


A+B, A-B, A*B, A/B, various special operations

Usage: imgopr_4dfp -<operation><(4dfp) outroot> <(4dfp) image1> <(4dfp) image2> …


a add
s subtract (image1 - image2)
p product
r ratio (image1 / image2)
e mean (expectation)
v variance
g geometric mean
n count defined (see -u option) voxels
x voxelwize maximum
y voxelwize minimum
G report serial number (counting from 1) of image with greatest value
P unsplit multiple ROIs into fidl compatible ROI file


-u count only defined (not NaN or 1.e-37 or 0.0) voxels
-R suppress creation of rec file
-N output undefined voxels as NaN
-Z output undefined voxels as 0
-E output undefined voxels as 1.E-37 (default)
-c<flt> multiply output by specified scaling factor
-l<lst> read input file names from specified list file
-@<b|l> output big or little endian (default first input endian)

N.B.: image dimensions must match except for binary operations {aspr} in which a 1 volume second image may be paired with a multi-volume first image